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GPS Products
Product Use With PPS Description Price
USBGPS USBxCH Yes Garmin 16x HVS, 25 pin D-shell, mag mount $125

Gps Accessories
Product Use With Description Price
CABLE-USBGPS-DB9/25 USBGPS GPS, DB9M to DB25F and 2.1mm power $30
GPS-ANTENNA-G16X-DB9 USBGPS Garmin 16x HVS antenna terminated to DB9 $90
GPS-MAG-MOUNT-G16X USBGPS Garmin 16x magnetic mount $15

The Global Positioning System (GPS) provides location and timing information. The SR USBxCH data acquisition systems are GPS ready. This means accurate time stamping of the data is possible when a GPS antenna is attached. The antenna above has cables terminated for the USBxCH A/Ds and comes programmed with the proper NMEA and PPS characteristics.

Our GPS solutions provide both time and location data on an ongoing real time basis as analog data is acquired. Industry standard RS232 NMEA messages give location and coarse time, while the pulse per second (PPS) signal gives precision time. Our USBxCH products guarantee 800 nanosecond (ns) timing accuracy.

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