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USB8CH Spec Sheet

USB8CH A/D Features

    24 bit resolution
    Eight individual analog channels
    An A/D converter per channel
    Connects to USB port on PC
    Sampling rates from 3 Hz to 10 kHz
    AC response down to DC
    4 digital inputs, 4 digital outputs
    Simultaneous digital recording
    800 ns GPS time stamping
    Acquisition and display software
    Low 160 milliamp current draw
    +/- 4v analog input range
    Op amp front end
    On board temperature sensor
    Price $980 for bundled "in the box" system
    Spec Table
    PDF Documents & Software
    Also available in 4 channel model
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Product Description

The USB8CH is the 8 channel member of the USBxCH family of 24 bit realtime continuous data acquisition system with an individual A/D per channel architecture.

Suitable for sampling from DC to 10kHz, an on board 4 MB FIFO guards against any data loss even on heavily interrupted and multitasking computers. Sitting outside the PC for improved noise performance, the system communicates its acquired data to the computer via a standard USB port. All analog inputs are fully differential with amplitude ranges of +/- 4 volts.

Full featured acquisition and display programs like DVM and Scope are included with the system software, so you can be up and running immediately, easily controlling acquisition rates and continuously saving acquired data to disk. The pipelined architecture allows easy customization of the provided programs. For developing custom utilities, low level pipeline functions are supplied. Windows and Linux software with many examples is provided. Software drop-in replacement for USB4CH.

The bundled "in the box" system comes with the accessories you need to start acquiring data immediately. These include software, PDF User manual, 9 VDC power supply, 6' USB cable, analog input cable, and a desktop enclosure.

Specifications Table

For more detailed specifications, please see the User Manual.

USB8CH Specs
Channels: 8  
Resolution: Typical: 23 bits at 13 Hz,  21 bits at 130 Hz,  19 bits at 1.3 kHz  FAQ note 
Sampling Rates: Selectable from 3.3 Hz to 9.7 kHz, with response to DC  FAQ note 
Analog Input Type: Differential  FAQ note 
Analog Input Voltage: +/-4v  FAQ note 
Analog Input Sensitivity: 1 microvolt per count  FAQ note 
Analog Input Impedance: 51 Kohm factory default, 10 Mohm max  FAQ note 
Analog Input Connector: DB15 front panel 15 pin D-Shell  
A/D Converter: TI ADS1255, 1 per channel  
A/D Type: Sigma Delta  
Channel crosstalk: Down more than 140 dB (24 bits) at 100 Hz  FAQ note 
Common Mode Rejection: 90 dB (15 bits)  
Digital Inputs: 4 synchronously sampled digital inputs  FAQ note 
Digital Outputs: 4 programmable digital outputs  
Digital I/O Levels: TTL/CMOS 3.3 volt  
Digital I/O Connector: DB25 front panel 25 pin D-Shell  
PC Connection: USB 1.1  
Power Required, Voltage: 8 to 24 VDC  
Power Required, Current: 160 ma typical, 190 ma with USBGPS  
Data Buffer: 4 MB DRAM FIFO  
Board Dimension: 7.00" W x 7.00" D  
Enclosure Dimension: 7.25" W x 7.50" D x 1.63" H  
Supported OS: Win7/8 32/64 bit, Linux  
ROHS Compliance: Compilant by exemption  FAQ note 
Price: $980  

Documents PDF icon and Software

These documents represent the complete specs for this product. They can also be found on our Downloads page.

Note: BBB = Beagle Bone Black single board computer.

USB8CH Documents & Software
Category Description Rev File # bytes
Product Flyer USB8CH specs 2014/02/15 flyusb8ch.pdf 154,057
User Manual USBxCH user manual 2015/12/01 manusbxch.pdf 1,589,352
System Software Windows 7/8/10 32+64 bit 2022/03/25 23,666,633
System Software Linux 64 bit ( Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, kernel 4.15.0 ) 2022/03/25 usbl64.tar 21,391,360
System Software ARM Linux BeagleBone Black Rev C ( Debian 7/8 ) 2022/03/25 usbbbb.tar 16,496,640

Price Table

The following items may be purchased individually or at a discount as a bundled "in the box" system. When purchasing a USB8CH "in the box" system, the following are included:

USB8CH In The Box
Item Description Price
USB8CH-BOARDONLY 8 channel, 24 bit data acquisition board connects to PC USB port $880
USB8CH-CASE Vinyl coated steel enclosure with rubber feet $58
CABLE-USB8CH-ANALOGIN-WIRE Analog input cable, DB37 to 8 tinned wire pairs plus AGND $30
CABLE-USB-AB-6 Six foot molded USB A male to B male USB cable $8
TRANS-SWITCHER-09V-DC 9 vdc, 300 ma switching transformer, 110-220 vac input, US plug $15
  Individual item subtotal = $1001
  "In the box" discount ( box contents photo ) - $21
USB8CH-INTHEBOX Final price (how to order) = $980

Bonus Starter Kit

One starter kit included free with all first orders, additional kits must be purchased separately:

USB8CH Starter Kit
Item Description Price
Analog input cable, DB37 to 8 alligator pairs plus AGND $60
ACC-SOLDERCUP-37-25 D-shell solder cups for custom connection to digital, analog inputs $2
USBXCH-CD CD with software and PDF user manual $1
USB8CH-START-KIT Individual item subtotal = $63
USB8CH-START-KIT-BONUS Free with first time orders only ( free starter kit contents photo ) = $0


Some users may want to consider these additional options:

USB8CH Options
Item Description Price
USBGPS GPS antenna bundle for time stamping USB8CH acquired data $125
Analog input cable, DB37 to 8 alligator pairs plus AGND $60
CABLE-DB25-MF-6 Molded 25-pin D-shell cable for extending digital I/O $8
SUB-CABLE-USB-AB-3 Substitute a 3 foot USB cable for the standard 6 foot one $0
USB8CH-CHANGE-GAIN Change the gain from 1 on upto 8 USB8CH channels $40
USB8CH-CHANGE-INRANGE Change the input range from +/- 4v on upto 8 USB8CH channels $40 Copyright © Symmetric Research