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SER8CH-HLF-1in Spec Sheet

SER8CH-HLF-1in A/D Features

    24 bit resolution
    Eight differential muxed analog channels
    Samples each channel at 1/2 Hz ( 2 second period )
    0 to 5v input range
    10 Mohm input impedance
    10 milliamp current consumption
    Buffered A/D reference (full + half) for ratiometric apps
    Connects to all RS232 serial ports (only Rx,Tx required)
    Small size 1 x 3 inches for restricted space applications
    All cables included
    Acquisition and display software included
    Price $180 for bundled "in the box" system
    Spec Table
    PDF Documents & Software
    Related product available in 1 channel model
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Product Description

The SER8CH-HLF-1in is an 8 channel, 24 bit realtime continuous data acquisition system with a low power consumption of 10 milliamps. At only 1" wide x 3" long, it is well suited to many restricted space applications such as borehole monitoring.

The system is the ultimate in ease of use. Simply connect it to a RS232 port, provide power, and it is ready to communicate at 9600 baud. No device drivers or complicated software setup is required.

A full featured DVM acquisition and display program is included for GUI multimeter displays when desired. The software provided is supported under Windows 7/8/10 and Linux operating systems (32 + 64 bit).

Buffered full and half copies of the A/D reference voltage are available on the analog input header for ratiometric sensor applications and excitation. Samples at 1/2 Hz ( 2 second period ) from each channel with a full scale input voltage range of 0 to 5 volts.

The bundled "in the box" system comes with all the accessories you need to start acquiring data immediately. These include software, PDF User Manual, 9 VDC power supply, 6' RS232 serial cable, and header cables for analog input and power/RS232.

Specifications Table

For more detailed specifications, please see the User Manual.

SER8CH-HLF-1in Specs
Channels: 8  
Resolution: 24 bits, 10 microvolts ( 19 bits noise free )  
Sample Rate: 1/2 Hz  
Gain: 1  
Analog Input Type: Differential  
Analog Input Voltage: 0 to 5v, other ranges possible with additional circuitry  FAQ note 
Analog Input Impedance: 10M ohms  FAQ note 
Analog Reference Output: 4.96v and 2.48v, sourcing up to 10ma  
Digital I/O: None  
Analog Connector: 20 pads at 50 mil spacing  FAQ note 
Ratiometric Connection: VREF = excitation, VIN = wiper, VGND = ground  FAQ note 
PC and Power Connection: 8 pads at 100 mil spacing  (Rx,Tx)  FAQ note 
Power Requirements (Active): 10ma @ 9 vdc  
A/D Converter: Linear Tech LTC2498  
A/D Type: Sigma Delta  
Data Buffer: None  FAQ note 
Board Dimension: 1.05" W x 2.75" D  
Enclosure Dimension: None  
Supported OS: Windows 7/8/10 , Linux  
ROHS Compliance: Compilant by exemption  FAQ note 
Price: See "in the box" table below  

Documents PDF icon and Software

These documents represent the complete specs for this product. They can also be found on our Downloads page.

SER8CH-HLF-1in Documents & Software
Category Description Rev File # bytes
Product Flyer SER8CH-HLF-1in specs 2016/09/01 flyser8chhlf.pdf 288,232
User Manual SER8CH-HLF-1in user manual 2016/10/31 manser8chhlf.pdf 32,818
App Note Scaling and Biasing Analog Signals 2007/11/24 scalebias.pdf 361,490
System Software Windows 7/8/10 32+64 bit 2016/11/26 6,195,728
System Software Linux 3.2.0-29-generic-pae (Ubuntu 12.04 LTS) 32 bit 2016/11/25 s8hlnx.tar 1,771,520
System Software Linux 3.19.0-25-generic (Ubuntu 14.04 LTS) 64 bit 2016/11/25 s8hl64.tar 1,771,520
System Software Linux BeagleBone Black Rev C (Debian 7/8) 2016/11/25 s8hbbb.tar 1,771,520

Price Table

The following items may be purchased individually or at a discount as a bundled "in the box" system. When purchasing a SER8CH-HLF-1in "in the box" system, the following are included:

SER8CH-HLF-1in In The Box
Item Description Price
SER8CH-HLF-1in-BOARDONLY Narrow, 8 channel, 24 bit data acquisition board for PC RS232 serial $85
TRM-FAN-50MIL-20PIN Fanout board from 20 pads at 50 mil spacing to 20 pin tenth inch male hdr $30
CABLE-SER8CH-RS232-CONN 7 pin header to DB9 RS232 serial and 2.1mm power cable $25
Analog input cable, hdr to 4 twisted pair tinned wire (qty 2 * $20) $40
Output cable, hdr to 3 tinned wires $10
CABLE-DB09-MF-6 Six foot DB09 male to female molded RS232 serial cable $8
TRANS-SWITCH-09V-DC 9 vdc, 110-220 vac input $15
  Individual item subtotal = $213
  "In the box" discount ( box contents photo ) - $33
SER8CH-HLF-1in-INTHEBOX Final price (how to order) = $180

Bonus Starter Kit

One starter kit included free with all first orders, additional kits must be purchased separately:

SER8CH-HLF-1in Starter Kit
Item Description Price
Analog input cable, hdr to 4 twisted pair alligator clips $40
Output cable, hdr to 3 alligator clip wires $20
USB/RS232 Dongle TrendNet USB to RS232 serial dongle $20
SER8CH-HLF-1in-CD CD with software and PDF user manual $1
SER8CH-HLF-1in-START-KIT Individual item subtotal = $101
SER8CH-HLF-1in-START-KIT-BONUS Free with first time orders only ( free starter kit contents photo ) = $0


Some users may want to consider these additional options:

SER8CH-HLF-1in Options
Item Description Price
TRM-FAN-50MIL-20PIN 20 pin fan-out board from 50 mil spacing to tenth inch male header $30
CABLE-DWH-4PAIR-ALLI Four twisted pair alligator clip wires to an 8 pin female header $40
CABLE-DWH-3-ALLI Three alligator clip wires to a 4 pin female header $20
CABLE-SER8CH-RS232-WIRE 7 pin header to tinned wires for RS232 and power connections $20
SER8CH-ADAPTER-BBB-CABLE SER8CH to BeagleBone Black RS232 3 wire adapter cable $10 Copyright © Symmetric Research