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Tables of interest below are ...

    USBxCH 24 bit 4 or 8 channel A/D with GPS
    SER1CH-UA ultra low power RS232 serial A/D
    VREF-399 precision voltage reference
    Product Flyers
    User Manuals
    Papers and App Notes
    Component Specs

What's new as of ...

    2022/03/25 Better timing after GPS signal loss or daylight savings change
    2021/06/15 Better pipeline chain shutdown and improved reporting
    2019/11/30 Pak2Bin handles GPS not updated for the Week Number Roll Over
    2018/12/31 Improved USBxCH seismic examples - Earthworm/SeisComp/SEED/SWARM
    2016/08/25 USBxCH software now uses pipelines to connect utilities
     Fewer files, more flexibility, faster realtime response
    2013/12/20 8 channel USB8CH support, USBxCH uses generic WinUsb/LibUsb driver
    2010/10/05 Last USBxCH version with custom kernel drivers
    Legacy For legacy downloads for the PARxCH, PARGPS, DSP32C, etc ... click this link

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For information about the checksums and how to use them refer to the file SrCheckReadMe.txt.

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System Software

USBxCH 24 bit A/D's with GPS Timing
Category Description Rev File # bytes
Product Flyer USB4CH specs 2012/01/15 flyusb4ch.pdf 152,815
Product Flyer USB8CH specs 2014/02/15 flyusb8ch.pdf 154,057
User Manual USBxCH 2015/12/01 manusbxch.pdf 1,589,352
System Software Windows 7/8/10 32+64 bit 2022/03/25 23,666,633
System Software Linux 64 bit ( Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, kernel 4.15.0 ) 2022/03/25 usbl64.tar 21,391,360
System Software ARM Linux BeagleBone Black Rev C ( Debian 7/8 ) 2022/03/25 usbbbb.tar 16,496,640
Note: The USBxCH system software supports both USB4CH and USB8CH including drivers, apps, and utilities.
Note: Linux software *MUST* match the bit size of your machine. Linux 32 bit available by request.
Note: Linux software also works on many other Ubuntu revs and distros such as Debian.
Note: BeagleBone Black single board computer software compiled on Linux 3.8.13-bone47 also works on 4.4.9-ti-r25.
Note: If you are upgrading from a pre-2011 version, please remove old custom kernel drivers first.

SER1CH-UA 24 bit low power A/D
Category Description Rev File # bytes
Product Flyer SER1CH-UA specs 2012/01/01 flyser1chua.pdf 151,643
User Manual SER1CH-UA 2008/06/13 manser1chua.pdf 1,019,195
System Software Windows XP/7 2016/12/20 4,591,094
System Software Linux 2.6.21-1.3194.fc7 (Fedora 7) 2008/12/15 serlnx.tar 1,464,320
Note: Utilities and software apps are included.

VREF-399 Test Instrument
Category Description Rev File # bytes
Product Flyer Precision voltage reference 2012/01/01 flyvref399.pdf 103,175
User Manual VREF-399 2010/01/15 manvref399.pdf 678,437
Note: No software is required for the VREF-399. It is a standalone system.


Product Flyers
Product Description Rev File # bytes
USB4CH A/D 24 bit, 4 channel, USB 2012/01/15 flyusb4ch.pdf 152,815
USB8CH A/D 24 bit, 8 channel, USB 2014/02/15 flyusb8ch.pdf 154,057
SER1CH-UA-1in A/D 24 bit, 1 chan, RS232 serial 2012/01/01 flyser1chua.pdf 151,643
VREF-399 VREF-399 precision voltage reference 2012/01/01 flyvref399.pdf 103,175

User Manuals
Product Description Rev File # bytes
USBxCH A/D, 24 bit, 4/8 chan, USB 2015/12/01 manusbxch.pdf 1,589,352
SER1CH-UA A/D, 24 bit, 1 chan, RS232 serial 2008/06/13 manser1chua.pdf 1,019,195
VREF-399 Precision voltage reference 2010/01/15 manvref399.pdf 678,437

Papers and App Notes
Category Description Rev File # bytes
Paper Scaling and Biasing Analog Signals 2007/11/24 scalebias.pdf 361,490
Paper - 3rd Party Using a Meinberg DCF Radio Clock w/ USBxCH 2014/01/22 radioclock.pdf 1,152,179
Paper - 3rd Party Analog Response of Sigma Delta Converters 2003/07/19 xferfunc.pdf 319,836
App Note Precision sine waves with the DSP32C 2001/06/28 appsine32c.pdf 86,365
Utility Generic FFT routines in C 1998/09/28 80,805

Component Specs
Product Description Rev File # bytes
USBxCH ADS1255 A/D converter by TI April 2005 ADS1255.pdf 432,155
USBxCH OPA2277 op-amp by TI April 2005 OPA2277.pdf 679,538
USBxCH GPS 16x HVS GPS receiver by Garmin B, Sep 2008 GPS16xHVS.pdf 605,692
SER1CH-UA LTC2400 A/D converter by Linear  Tech A, 1998 LTC2400.pdf 473,468
VREF-399 LM399 voltage reference by TI April 2005 LM399.pdf 668,543
VREF-399 LM399 voltage reference (additional specs) June 1976 LM399AN161.pdf 180,877
VREF-399 OPA2277 op-amp by TI April 2005 OPA2277.pdf 679,538
Note: The performance of our products often matches that of the underlying components. Copyright © Symmetric Research